Chinese dumpling making with Shuxin Fu

Saturday 17th April 11am-1pm

Learn how to make Chinese dumplings from our expert.  The dumplings are easy to make and a fun family activity. Shuxin tells us that this is how they are made in homes in China with everyone joining in the filling and folding of the pastry. Shuxin will teach you how to do this with a few simple ingredients. There ll be a vegetarian as well as a meat/fish option.  

Share your cooking creations

Corporate and Group Events

Choose a cuisine at a time and date that suits you and your group!

We’re also available to arrange private masterclasses for groups of friends or colleagues. We have hosted corporate events before Covid and more recently online for companies looking for opportunities to enhance staff morale; keep teams connected and build team resilience by having fun together for a couple of hours learning to cook something delicious. Groups of friends looking to have a private get together have also booked events.

If this interests you, please read more info in this PDF and feel free to drop us an email to enquire.  

All proceeds from our events go towards supporting our work changing lives through food, including teaching people to cook on a budget, providing flat pack meals for people to cook at home and meal deliveries for those with no food or funds.

If you would like to block book an event, please contact

4 easy steps to a great event

1. Check on your neighbours

If you can afford to buy extra ingredients, we would love for you to share your food with your neighbourhood community. Some people may need extra care and love right now.

Get in touch with them (Template note in PDF and Word) in advance to offer your cooking.

2. Learn to cook

Learn to cook with restaurant chefs, school cooks, bakers, and many other excellent food lovers, who are finding it tough right now because their place of work has been affected by the pandemic. They love to cook and share their passion. Get involved and learn to cook tasty, nutritious dishes whilst having fun doing so for a good cause.

3. Enjoy Entertainment

Listen to singers, bands, story tellers, poets and many other entertainers, who will make the one hour event fly, as they jump in to sing, talk or entertain while you prepare the dish.  These top quality entertainers are struggling to make ends meet at the moment because of the lockdown and gathering restrictions.  Enjoy their talents right here.
Singer while you cook

4. Share your creations

Follow our chefs’ recommendation on how to store the food safely, then take it to those in your neighbourhood who you’ve arranged it with.

Enjoy the experience of cooking and baking, and spread the word on your social media…

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Book now to cook, enjoy and share.