Our Mission

Virtual Community Kitchen is starting a movement of food community – people sharing their wholesome food with their neighbourhood. 

We encourage community compassion, improve cooking skills, maintain nutrition and immunity, reduce isolation, improve mental health, and raise awareness for an amazing charity

We are also providing income for many chefs, cooks and entertainers who are finding it really hard at the moment.

This sounds like we’re aiming to achieve a lot, but we’ve made it really quite simple by hosting these events.  You are going to make a huge difference by taking part in Our Events!

Changed world

We are all in a strange new world.  Locked in our homes for weeks, while we try to control the spread of a novel virus. 

If you’re reading this, you may be one of the many who has a full fridge and cupboards during this time. Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of people (and families) who are going without food regularly.  This can be for many and complex reasons, but we hope that you would like to help.

This is a brilliant time to make a difference to your local community.

Lonely Old Lady
photographer-credit unsplash-logoSteven HWG

Make a difference

During these unprecedented times of lockdown, more people than ever feel isolated, lonely, scared and in need of support.  Many people want to do more to help their neighbourhood community. 

Virtual Community Kitchen brings people together online to learn how to cook and bake, and give some of their extra creations to the elderly, vulnerable and shielded in the community around them. 

More information about us can be found here.